Making Victims Of Financial Crimes Whole

Financial Investigations and Commercial Judgment Collection

Uncollected judgments and internal financial crime or mismanagement by employees can pose major risks for businesses. Losses and liability worth millions of dollars may hang in the balance.

Pursuing those debts, identifying internal control weaknesses, and locating missing assets doesn’t require enlisting a large firm with numerous associates and tremendous overhead.

The Law Offices of Mark J. Yost offers decades of experience in financial investigations and asset tracing. As a solo practitioner, Mark Yost has low costs and reasonable rates, working directly on matters while partnering with forensic investigators and foreign lawyers when appropriate.

With offices in Bethesda, Maryland and Los Angeles, California, Mark is available to work with small and medium-sized businesses across all industries in the United States and abroad.

Highly Skilled at Following the Money 

Obtaining a judgment does little good if you never see the money. All too often, civil judgments against dishonest or evasive debtors go uncollected. Crooked debtors do their best to hide their assets, hoping the judgment creditors give up.

Mark knows how to deal with difficult debtors, and how to locate and seize their assets through the appropriate judicial processes. Certified by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists and as a former financial crimes prosecutor, he has a passion for “following the money,” whether the debtors attempt to hide their assets in the United States or overseas.

Mark believes in teamwork and, when necessary and appropriate, relies on a network of investigators and foreign lawyers to help locate assets, domesticate or register the U.S. or foreign judgments, and recover those assets.

Conducting Internal Investigations

Mark is also available to conduct internal fact investigations for small and medium-sized businesses concerned about employee misconduct ranging from the misappropriation of assets to the falsification of corporate records.

Internal investigations are delicate and demand both confidentiality and adequate scoping.

Mark offers free consultation to help business owners decide whether an internal investigation is appropriate and, if so, he also helps them with the next steps going forward to best protect the business.

Learn More About Partnering with Attorney Mark Yost

Mark offers free initial consultations to prospective clients. To schedule, please contact him online or by phone at 888-795-7906.